Welcome to my website :-)


Hi man, welcome to my website. You're probably here because you have an interest in motorcycles, motorvlog's, motorgear or other motorcycle related stuff. If you're not, then you're in for a dissappointment.

I'm a motovlogger from the Netherlands vlogging on a Honda CBR600, you can follow me on youtube, facebook, Google+ and stuff like that.

I will be:

  • Posting vlogs, talking about stuff, driving around, yelling at cagers
  • Reviewing my gear, stuff that I have and want to have
  • Posting tutorials on stuff for new MotoVloggers since I am discovering things for the first time as well
  • Keep you up to date on my gear, progress, life and other stuff.

Go, look around, subscribe, like my video's and help me out. I will return the favor!

This website is still under construction, I'm quite a busy guy ;)

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